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Is your website Mobile-Friendly? Not yet? Go for it now! As google is ranking the mobile friendly websites first on the SEO ranking!

No customer, no traffic and collectively no client nowadays sits in front of the desktop screen and goes on searching things for hours if you don’t own a mobile friendly website, you automatically loose a great deal of your visitors.

With alliance tech, get on board with a mobile friendly website and allow yourself to get a lot more resilient traffic on your website.

Google has started ranking websites and placing them in the search engine on the basis of their accessibility. So with a mobile friendly website you get a higher chance to reach more audience and hence it increases your SEO ranking more considerabl

Read the top reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website?

01 Customers demands

Increasingly, your customers are no longer sitting in front of the desktops or laptops. Rather than, they currently prefer accessing your website from their mobile devices.

02 Google May Penalize

Google’s goal is to increase search traffic that includes mobile search traffic, and you can use it as your benefit by jumping on board. It will help your organic search results.

03 You'll Lose Business

Your customers are frequently going mobile. If you do not think about your client’s requirements, then they will stop thinking about you, and ultimately it will be a significant loss for your business. Give your customers what they want to keep them intact.


What is Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that recognizes the device being used (such as laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and will resize itself accordingly for optimal viewing.

You need to have a Mobile-Responsive Website as soon as Smartphones, and other mobile devices are fast becoming the most preferred method of Internet access.

A 2012 Google Survey found that:

74% of visitors were more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites 61% were expected to leave if a site wasn't mobile-friendly, and
67% were more likely to buy at a mobile-friendly website.

What are you waiting for…?

Made Up Your Mind and Change Your Standard Website to Responsive




Looking for a mobile website developer? You are on the right path and your quest ends here. With our skilled and creative mobile website developer, you can be rest assured about your website development and business growth.